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28/01/2013 19:16
The TEFL`s Screw    Having spent almost twenty years teaching English as a foreign language, which is obviously `the work of the TEFL`, I`m not perturbed at the notion that my footsteps are devilled by employers and stud`nts alike. Of late, I`ve spent time in Pseudi Yarubeer at the `best...
22/12/2012 17:09
A Word From The Cutting Edge Of ELT   Upon the frosted plate of the glass doors of Bull language skull in Triple ‘E’, Livya, engraved was a cued black 8 pool ball. Obviously a reference to the US’ eviction of the Iraqi army from Kuwait in 1991. It wouldn’t be long before there was another run...
03/12/2012 19:14
The stud`nt is always More Intelligent than the ESL Teacher: The Scale of Values Applied at Riyald’s Konk   The Konk Pseud, Riyald, reputedly the major Universe City in the Muddled East, used a `traffic light` system to evaluate its ESL Preparatory Year Program (PYP) teachers, in accordance...
03/12/2012 18:54
Well Hung in Rusher and Sent to Hungry to Starve   Not travelling widely was something I did. Until the Briti government invited me for some more head chuck occasions. Emerging with four `O` levels after death threats, and physical violence, during 11 years of skull work, and having gotten a...
09/07/2012 20:52
Those who can can, and those who don`t want to teach.
24/06/2012 10:15
Magicians or Teachers   The Japanese have a concept of man in relation to the externality, the concept of 'Mu'. Everything that exists outside the individual is, potentially, part of his/her 'Mu'; or, to put it another way, what appears in one's field of vision/experiential domain is, in fact,...
01/06/2012 17:08
`Confusing, he says -`     `Shut up confusing!`
29/05/2012 11:47
An ice cream is given to three idiots; the first one makes a grab for it and misses; the second one lunges with both hands outstretched and also fails to make contact; and the third one with exaggerated care takes the ice cream and sticks it in one ear, saying: `Delicious.`   `That`s a...
29/05/2012 11:14
Te-Ching   There is no teaching; there is only whatever you can understand.  
10/05/2012 04:37
The Monkeys and the Man   A man picked an apple from a tree. Some monkeys were in the branches. `We`re training for the mountain,` said one. `There`s no fruit there,` said the man. `But it`s a high and great endeavour,` said the monkey. `No, it`s fruitless,` the man replied. `We like you,` the...
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